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The exchange network for crypto.

Designed for mass adoption.

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Trade, lend, & invest in digital & real-world assets — seamlessly.

First forex markets, as we know them, were established in Amsterdam, roughly 500 years ago. The possibility to freely trade currency helped stabilize exchange rates — bringing about a new era of global trade.

Shortly thereafter, The Dutch East India Company (VOC) held its IPO in August 1602: supported by the stable exchange rates, asset markets were born.

DeFi currently stands where the Dutch stood 500 years ago, with forex provided by AMMs — Fragmynt is the next step.

Critical infrastructure for mass adoption.

Fully-compatible with EVM.

Port your dapp from an existing network without changing a thing.

Feeless transactions & scalability.

Gasless transactions built to support some of the most demanding protocols in all of DeFi.

Instant interoperability.

Quick bridges across all major chains help you & your users get started instantly.

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