The financial
system owned and controlled by you

Fragmynt is decentralized and community-owned.
That’s right. Not just another trading platform.

How does it work?

Simply put, the Fragmynt Exchange Network (FEN) is a financial system owned (and regulated) by everyone on the planet. That means, no government or private company can decide how it should work. Only users can.

Fragmynt’s powerful design makes it: 


Everyone on the planet with an internet connection has permanent, irrevocable access.


Transaction sizes don’t determine how anyone’s treated: All transactions big or small are welcome.


FEN is controlled by the MYNT token. Holding a MYNT token makes you a part owner and controller of the entire ecosystem.

But powerful doesn’t mean complex.


A global pool of lenders and borrowers can receive or give credit. Grow credit scores in a market that’s safe, transparent and fair.


Trade on any continuous data stream, whether it’s price feeds from Fragmynt’s idea markets, ETH’s price on Binance, or the number of followers Elon Musk's Twitter followers.


Send money to anybody on the planet in seconds, without any fees. Open 24/7, 365 from wherever you are in the world.


For the first time ever you can represent your participation in your favorite online communities with an ownership stake. Raise and spend funds, own assets and grow your wealth as you grow your community.

Own the ecosystem & earn from it too.

FEN is split into 1 billion pieces called "MYNT tokens". Holding MYNT makes you a "MYNTer" which is a part owner and controller in the ecosystem.

Earn passively from the ecosystem

The MYNT you own gives you access to a portion of all the revenue generated in the ecosystem. Collect your earnings every 24 hours free of charge.

Get loads of perks

Mynters get heaps of benefits within the ecosystem: lower fee rates, more credit, special access to events, early access to new features, periodic rewards and more.

Create and vote on proposals

As a MYNTer, you get to decide the direction of the Fragmynt Exchange Network by voting.

Used & trusted by
a fast growing community

Join the thousands of people reclaiming the financial system for themselves.

Second per trade

Built for you, run by you, owned by you.

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