Team, Advisors & Investors

Meet all the people and companies supporting Fragmynt's community.

Team, Advisors & Investors


James Branigan (Co-founder)

James is the Commercial Lead at Fragmynt. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics and a Higher Diploma in Applied Mathematics from the National University of Ireland. He also holds a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Cambridge. Prior to this James worked in B2C sales for a multinational security company based in Ireland. James handles the business side of the project, everything from fundraising to managing marketing and overall strategy. He also participates in high level development of the project protocols with Ojas, utilizing his background in mathematics.

Ojas Shukla (Co-founder)

Ojas is Head of Engineering. After finishing high school, he went straight into building an AI SaaS company which he later sold. He was then accepted to an engineering degree at NTU Singapore before dropping out to build on Fragmynt. Ojas handles the tech at Fragmynt. He has written the core smart contracts that underpin the ecosystem and manages a team of developers building the frontend and backend for the platform interface.

Bernardo Mendes de Almeida (Chief Operations Officer)

Bernardo is our Head of Operations, in charge of getting stuff done. Bernardo has had first hand experience with clients participating in financial markets during his experience as an asset manager at Vanguard Asset Management. He also has a business education from Warwick Business School, one of the UK's top institutions.


Nicolas Harlé

Nicolas is an advisor to Fragmynt. He is former Senior Partner, Managing Director & Worldwide Head of Blockchain at Boston Consulting Group. Nicolas provides invaluable guidance and advice to the team, and helps facilitate introductions and access to his deep network across the space of Web3.



Accel is one of the world's largest venture capital firms. They were early investors in many of the most well-known technology companies globally including Facebook, Slack, Dropbox, Atlassian, Flipkart, Spotify, Etsy and more. They have a combined portfolio value of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Entrepreneur First

Entrepreneur First is the world's leading talent investor with a combined portfolio value of more than $10 billion.