Like stock trading,
but for everything.

Markets on the Fragmynt Exchange Network are the most flexible in the world.
 Here, you’ll find companies, people, sports, music genres, tech ideas and much more to trade on. 

All in one place, through a system you own and control.

One app, two buttons, infinite markets.

That’s trading made simple and intuitive. 

1. Enter the ecosystem

Sign up - it takes just 30 seconds. 
Deposit and receive MYNT, making you part owner immediately. 
Start trading- it’s that simple. 

2. Pick personalized markets

Trade only on what you know and like. Choose a market which lets you use your expertise to beat other trades.

3. Trade with $1

Make trades with as little or as much as you want. No transaction on FEN is too big or too small. Access is important to our community, not quantity. 

Trade on events too.

The prediction markets on the Fragmynt Exchange Network let you earn from your ability to predict future events.

Prices are probabilities

The event price tells you the likelihood of the event happening according to all traders in the market

Prices change with time

As more traders choose a particular option, the probability rises. You can buy or sell an option at any point up until the event occurs.

Earn if you predict correctly

It's that simple. If you have chosen the correct answer you will earn. The earlier you predicted it, the more profit you will make.

Earn from the ecosystem.

As a part owner of the ecosystem, you are entitled to a portion of the revenue generated from people using it.

Deposit your MYNT

Go to the "Earn" section in the app and deposit your MYNT. You can retrieve your MYNT whenever you want. While it is deposited in "Earn" it is accruing rewards.

Get your rewards

Every 24 hours, you will receive a reward of USDF and MYNT. This reward comes from fees paid by people using the platform. More people means more fees paid.

That's it.

No, really. There are no extra steps. That's all there is to it.