Trading for Everyone

From trades & stakes to leveraged options & prediction markets — Fragmynt is built for the next generation of traders.

Advanced instruments, decentralized clearing.

Execute trades, buy options & predict volaility in seconds, with leverage.

Native Options

Buy & sell options with leveraged positions without a hitch.

Prediction markets

Bet on volatility or prices without moving the market.

Orders & leverage

Place order types with 20x leverage directly on the blockchain.

Highest safe yield, insane dividends.

Get dividends from your positions & absolutely safe yield starting from 18% APY from your stakes.

CeFi Dividends

Get dividends 3x higher than the average of the S&P500 — earn by hodling.

Anchor, Aave Yield

Get yield from cross-chain protocols like anchor with a minimum of 18% safe APY on each position.

$MYNT Rewards

Get rewards in $MYNT to increase APY — additional to the yields.

Clear, concise platform.

Understand your trades, track events & verify orders all on a single platform.

Automated Trading

Trade by building your own algorithms connected to Fragmynt's trading API.

Nitro encryption

All non-custody transaction occur in spun nitro chambers — with no trace left after. Untouchable security.

Virtual credit cards

Get & spend credit without selling a holding. Enjoy the reach of fiat, with the gains of crypto.